Tuesday, March 23, 2021

"O" is for Orgasm

I started out writing about orgasm in my series The Sex Journals when I was much, much younger.  Deciding to make sex education my livelihood was an easy decision.  It is no wonder I never had an uncomfortable feeling around talking about orgasms.  I always spell it out.  I stay away from sneaking in an "O" for terminology. Sex education, modern day sex education is very important today. To me, being modern includes using appropriate language to take shame and stigma off the act of achieving orgasm. Even if you think that orgasms need to be something you have in the dark, in bed and on your back, you can appreciate the orgasm itself. A lot of people who have sex under these circumstances usually don't experience orgasms at all. This is a sad truth.  Orgasm needs to be embraced in order to be enjoyed.  If you can breathe into an orgasm, you will experience a satisfying finish. 

How do you get your orgasm? It's your responsibility to ensure you orgasm and that the experience is the best you can handle.  There are many levels of orgasm and it is a lot of fun trying them out.  In order to have an orgasm you have to understand the anatomy, master being mindful and have several tools you can use to bring on an orgasm.  Not just toys, but positions, hands, feet  or breast techniques.  A repertoire of skills is needed to create or receive an orgasm.   

Breath is important.  Controlling your breathing is important. Marrying breathing,  and sounds with your squirming and excited responses will increase your arousal.  Arousal is a must when you are generating an orgasm.  Engage the erogenous zones to get your mate aroused and progress through the play building arousal and keeping it elevated.  To get to your orgasm you must find comfortable positions and acts to do that will give you the most pleasure.  Talk to your mate about what works for you.  Open your self to the orgasm and breathe slowly in and out and increase your breathing pace as your arousal builds and by the time you are at your peak, you are panting. 

How do you get an orgasm? You masturbate.  When you can define what gives you pleasure and are able to tell a lover how to recreate what works for you, you will reach your orgasm and work toward increasing their intensity by taking several routes to the finish. 

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